• Taryn Donofrio

And it begins.....

Hey Everyone! It has been some time since I have jotted down my thoughts to the world.

I have taken a mini 'TEE' break time to regather my creative mind. After being in California back in September, I decided it was time to update my work and had my girl create me a new photography website (she's pretty dope if you need any websites done for yourselves)!

I have been so busy shooting with many prestige brands with fragrances/events and thought it was time to give myself a little facelift of my work - both in corporate events, and of course....my other work I am so passionate about.

I ended 2018 with shooting an amazing Marc Jacobs Newsstand Event in Soho. It was amazing to see everyone come out of the subway, go to this stand, and talk about 'which Daisy girl are you'. They they would take a photo in front of a mirror, upload it, and share on social media. Loved the interaction it brought that afternoon on a NYC street!

Going into 2019, I feel great. I hope to accomplish more brand names under my belt with my photography in the corporate life, as well as working on events with creating new ideas!

I open my arms to whatever comes my way this year. I am just starting, and so far this month I am back with photographing the newest GUCCI collection... The Alchemist Garden!

Marc Jacobs Newsstand Event NYC

Marc Jacobs Newsstand Event NYC

Marc Jacobs Newsstand Event

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